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2018 Paddle Palace 10K Hawkeye Open


Aarthi Loganathan

Opponent - Click name for resultsUSATT #RatingFormatEvent - Click event for draws and resultsScores
Bogdan Palarz2118221991RRUnder 2200 Singles RR-10,5,4,5
Matt Stockham161681792RRUnder 2200 Singles RR4,-9,7,-10,9
Aleksandar Kljaic715351521RRUnder 1800 Singles RR-6,-9,7,9,3
Jim Voth2031951343RRUnder 1800 Singles RR8,-8,9,9
Jim Biggs2167891256RRUnder 1800 Singles RR2,9,4
Sanjay Srivastava2171821658RRUnder 1750 Singles RR8,6,1
Jiayi Li935411350RRUnder 1750 Singles RR6,7,8
David Tyrrel2240621298RRUnder 1750 Singles RR4,4,1
Madison Chao920661440RRWomen's Singles RR-11,6,6,4

Opponent - Click name for resultsUSATT #RatingFormatEvent - Click event for draws and resultsScores
Zelin Ye2179502046RRUnder 2200 Singles RR8,6,4
Yusuke Kuboki969641895RRUnder 2000 Singles RR10,-7,5,6
Vadim Korneev792101815RRUnder 2000 Singles RR-8,10,6,4
Abdullah Matari2028321662RRUnder 2000 Singles RR9,3,9
Vadim Korneev792101815RRUnder 1900 Singles RR7,4,10
John Oros536991813RRUnder 1900 Singles RR-7,9,7,7
Gary Mcadams939631631SEUnder 1800 Singles SE-Prelims-3,-5,10,9,6
Gary Mcadams939631631SEUnder 1750 Singles SE-Quarters-3,8,-3,8,6
Chris Fagyal970371479RRUnder 1700 Singles RR9,6,-10,-8,11
Mariya Bogoeva961322186RRWomen's Singles RR5,6,5
Cheryl Lim946761680RRWomen's Singles RR-4,11,9,6
Konatsu Taira2294040RRWomen's Singles RR7,5,10
Roger Liu820292387RRJuniors 18 and Under RR1,4,5
David Jia976471412RRJuniors 18 and Under RR7,8,8