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ARKTTA 2020 January U3200 Teams Weekend - Event Draws and Results


Event - Click for available draws and resultsFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceThird/Fourth Place
Open Singles Div 1 RRRicardo CriadoDharmaraj CoonaShoujie Yang4th-Varun Coona
Open Singles Div 2 RRPerry SmithDarius FordKitt Oudthone4th-John Falco
Open Singles Div 3 RRDavid WillardTony Webb  
Open Singles RRPrelim Round   
Hard Bat RRMichael LauroRicardo CriadoDarius Ford4th-Tony Webb
JOOLA Mini Table Bash SatMichael LauroJason PiechAlex Piech4th-David Willard
Team Doubles RRCarlo Ray Satierra / Charles BrooksMichael Lauro / David WillardJason Piech / Kitt Oudthone4th-Alex Piech / Darius Ford
Dbl Elim Rnd 1 WinnersMichael LauroAlex Piech  
Dbl Elim Rnd 2 Winners 1Michael LauroDavid Willard  
Dbl Elim Rnd 2 Winners 2Carlo Ray SatierraJason Piech  
Dbl Elim Rnd 3 Losers 1Jason PiechDavid Willard  
Dbl Elim Rnd 3 Winners SFMichael LauroCarlo Ray Satierra  
Dbl Elim Rnd 4 Losers SFAlex PiechJason Piech  
Dbl Elim Rnd 5 Losers FinalCarlo Ray SatierraAlex Piech  
Dbl Elim Rnd 6 Overall FinalMichael LauroCarlo Ray Satierra  
Teams Singles MatchesMichael LauroCarlo Ray SatierraJason Piech4th-Alex Piech